Anaheim Rapid Connection

See NOP Initial Study for the Anaheim Rapid Connection (ARC) Fixed-Guideway Project

Anaheim Rapid Connection (ARC) is a proposed streetcar system currently in the environmental review process that will connect Anaheim area destinations with regional rail at ARTIC.

With ARC, it will never be easier for residents and conventioneers to catch a ball game, out-of-towners to get to Disneyland, residents to dine at the Anaheim GardenWalk, or thousands of employees to get to and from work – all without having to drive.

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Connect with the ARC Project
What is ARC?

ARC is a proposed streetcar system that would provide service over a 3.2 mile corridor (approximately 6.4 miles of track), connecting residents, workers, and visitors to ARTIC.

ARC was initiated through Measure M2 Go Local program established to provide connections to Metrolink stations.

ARC is envisioned to operate as a high-capacity transportation system, providing convenient and efficient transfers to Metrolink, Amtrak, bus and future high-speed train services at ARTIC.

ARC would also improve transit service for short trips within the study area, allowing riders who arrive by car to park once and circulate by transit.

It will relieve traffic on local freeways and roadways, improve air quality and reduce greenhouse gases.

By investing in much-needed infrastructure and congestion relief, ARC will enable future growth.

2013-2015 Project Development (Environmental Clearance)/Engineering

2016 Begin Final Design

2017 Begin Construction

2018 System in Operation